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Pioneer PL-55X Reviews

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Pioneer PL-55X

Pioneer PL-55X

5/10 by ccontrino

Great TT for all around use


the pioneer pl55x is a great vintage plate, robust contruction, metal com mechanisms arm audiophile-quality and heavyweight beautifully designed cabinet is suitable for mc cartridges, in 1974 a luxury, even today its performance is evaluated.

8/10 by andy8400

Had this TT for 30 years when I recently sold it to a friend with a Denon DL110 installed. He loves it!

I had disconnected the auto feature many years ago. I remember it became an issue when I would try to play an inner track and the auto return pulled the tonearm from my hand!

I am giving it high marks based on it being used as a manual TT. This unit would track with a 10 gram MC cartridge w/o tonearm resonances, unlike another unit which I had at the time. Also no hum with the MC! My only complaint is the arm raising lever which needs to be pushed carefully or the needle will jump from jarring the platter. Should add: good-looking with wood plinth and built like a rock.

Still a blast from the so-called Golden Age of Audio. If you can find one cheap, don't pass it up.

8/10 by haflerman

Would be a good at the 55X with the small issue of it being a semi auto table. Great specs! Perfect rig for getting back into vinyl. Mine is mated with a Ortofon M15E super. Sounds like a $2000 rig easily. Blows my Rega p12 off the charts!

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