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Pioneer PL-550 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-550

Pioneer PL-550

10/10 by Eyke42

Purchased this new whilst stationed in the UK. I'm using a vintage Blue Point cartridge at the moment. I've resurrected this several years ago and forgot how nice this sounds thru the contemporary JBL L166 loudspeakers. I use a NAD 1600 pre-amp for the front end.

10/10 by Dconno02

An amazing table. Smooth as butter...

10/10 by mikaymusic

I've had mine for over 10 years now. Most of that time, it's been the main turntable in my system. I also have the automatic brother to it, the 570. Love them both, but I think the 550 sounds just the tiniest bit better.

10/10 by Jenkowaz

I have owned mine for just over two years now. I was lucky to have bought mine from an retired elderly man who was also an enthusiast. Came with all the extras including the small tool box, spare head shell and the 45 adapter. Fell in love with this turnable even before listening to it. I am currently using it with a Yamaha A-S1100 amp and a Linn Kaber passive speakers. I can only describe the sound as great. I am planning to get myself an ortofon 2m blue cartridge. I have been advised it works great with it. My only issue for now it's that plinth is peeling off a bit which is perfectly understandable given the age. I would like to change it with a pure wood veneer which I think this turntable really deserves. I am still searching for someone who can work on this project for me. I would very much welcome suggestions from this forum. I live in the UK

10/10 by kbzotaq

Awesome machine with perfect vintage look.

9/10 by soulboy68

I originally bought mine in 1997 for use in my record shop, it had a couple of things missing i.e the side counter weight and rod and the nub on the back top of tone arm and the tone arm lever had snapped off but hopefully will find or get some machined to replace soon. This deck has had a lot of use and is still solid as a rock pitch wise. The over sized platter is what makes this deck for me, the direct drive also has great torque and up to speed start up. The tonearm handles manipulation of records brilliantly. Wish I had two... For robustness they would make good as Vintage DJ Turntables. It has lovely warm sound even with low budget carts. The aluminum trim has not been over done, Pioneer really got the aesthetic balance right with this model. The only downfall for me are the feet, a bit to rigid and not enough dampening and the inner needs a little more dampening to it as well IMO. A small price to pay and refit them with something a little better... Since I've had it, about 12 years ago I replaced the outdated dark brown veneer look to a nice beech wood covering for little cost and will when I can afford, shall get a new solid wood plinth made up, as I think it is worth the investment. If you see one, buy it, you won't be disappointed.

10/10 by Bongo-Fury

Extremly beautiful and good sounding turntable. Appears very solid and precious. It´s fun to look at it. It´s fun to touch it. And it´s fun to listen to it. And you can even dance and jumpt next to it, the PL-550 won´t recognize. Full marks for this nice vintage record player!

9/10 by monkeewax

had a bit of trouble at first with low end feedback. Once i figured out i didn't need that powered sub i feel in love with this turntable!

10/10 by xmates

Simply my best turntable..

9/10 by juanbaudelaire26

I love this

9/10 by Hausekar

The peak of the golden age of the turntable. Plays better than anything I've tried from the last 15 years. I like it better than the automatic PL-570. Automatic turntables often looses some of the clean sound. Too much moving parts. I prefer this before a ten times more expensive tt. It's a love afair...

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