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Pioneer PL-530 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-530

Pioneer PL-530

10/10 by Monte15

10/10 by IneligibleIronman

Love it!!

9/10 by db5

Picked one up at a thrift store in 1988 for $20. It was in excellent condition except for a big scratch on the plastic cover. Once that was polished out it looked almost new. After thoroughly checking and adjusting everything I replaced the PC-50 cartridge with a 1970s Shure cartridge which noticeably improved the sound quality. I haven't noticed much difference in this turntable and the Dual 1019 (dropped by movers a few months before I got this one). Of course, that was a memory comparison not side-by-side. Some weak parts are noted by others but I haven't experienced them yet.

8/10 by KentT

A great looking, great performing direct drive automatic. Capable of satisfying a discriminating ear without issue. Very silent running, very low rumble, really brings out the best in fine records with a suitable cartridge partner. Do remember, that pitch pots and power supply capacitors and servo board capacitors will need service. After all, this was built in 1976. Do be mindful of that plastic tonearm base, the major weakness of this machine. Eventually, someone will make a metal replacement for this and we'll be better suited for many years of service.

10/10 by PL530pinevalley

I'm very happy with my PL-530, we had one years ago and I was lucky enough to recently find one in great shape. Great sounding turntable!

9/10 by DrumDude83

Great looking and performing turntable. I had mine restored by turntableteen. The only major issue with these is that the plastic tone arm base has a tendency to crack with age; which will render the unit useless. Unfortunately it is a matter of when and not so much if. Because of this, I would not buy a PL-530 unless you get one from someone in the know, but if you are lucky to find a properly restored one, it will be worth every penny you pay for it, I guarantee it.

8/10 by lupo63

I own this beauty since 1979 and i think it's a good quality turntable

9/10 by juanbaudelaire26

I like this table over all but I would gladly trade it in for the PL 530A which is the same but the wood plinth is black. Anyone who has a line on one for sale please let me know. I have both the PL 550 and the PL 530 and I like the PL 550 better. What do you think?

10/10 by lowlow007

My dad had one, bought a brand new one in 1976...
A beautifull and good quality sound.
He putted an excellent Shure V15IV on it.
I remember Stevie Wonder, Santana, Stones...
If you find one in good shape, you'll never regret.

9/10 by PL530

8/10 by Backlight

Very good looking table. I have the PL-530x. Spins nicely and sounds great and quiet with a decent cartridge and needle.

Unfortunately the one I own has difficulty maintaining it's speed stable. Troubleshooting is difficult since the drive board in the player is from a different number as specified in the SM. Even the additional SM (for the PL-530x/s) only mentions a different power supply PCB.

The common drive unit PCB is PWG-009 while in mine there's a PCB labeled MWG-001. It has slightly different circuitry, different components and values with a different layout, but same pin connections. If there's anybody that has the schematics of this board, tune in please.

I have already replaced all elco's (with same values), but the speed still goes way off every now and then.

8/10 by Screaming_Monk

Good all around turntable. Love the adjustable aspects it comes with. Belt drive is better in my book but this one has done well for me...

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