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Pioneer PL-520 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-520

Pioneer PL-520

10/10 by Rickypaul

Just bought one fo $150. On Follow You Follow Me my 18 year old daughter said “ It sounds like Phil Collins is in the room with us.” It’s a beast. I love the science project tone arm.

9/10 by Boondock_Saint

This deck has the coolest counterweight assembly EVER. Beyond that, it's DD with no noticeable rumble, speed is still constant after 25 years, it's heavy and the plinth is wood.(well, dense press board not solid wood) If you ever need to get smoke residue off the finish, Mr. clean magic eraser.

10/10 by jdmccall

I've had excellent use out of my PL-520 over the years. Just recently re-discovered how good it is after previously having mothballed it for a while in favor of a cheap linear tracker back in the late 80s. Solid and well built, the function buttons are all on the outside of the cover so it can be operated it with the lid closed. Great tracking at 1 gram with a good cartridge. Quiet with low rumble. The tone arm is one of a kind and was only used on this model for a period of one year, then this model was discontinued for some reason, perhaps for lack of sales but certainly not for lack of quality.

10/10 by amiral1

Solid, well-balanced TT with a great sound. Still going strong after 3 owners and more than 30 years of use. On top of this is the oddly complex-looking arm, which really adds to the look.

9/10 by VinHiFi

Well built heavy - upgrade the cart and you have a great table

10/10 by memobotero2

Excelent vintage, one of the best TT builded

10/10 by jhlavaty


10/10 by fireeagle70

10/10 by bradyall

10/10 by plumulp

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