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Pioneer PL-516 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-516

Pioneer PL-516

8/10 by Link516

I have had this turntable for 38 years. Other than a belt change and cleaning it has been trouble free. I like the industrial gray look. Ortofon FF15XE MKII stylus plays well with it.

9/10 by realgoodsound

Amazing quality for its age. Great with Grado cartridges (which often hum with other units). Reliable, quiet, stable. Just an overall fine unit. For the money, an absolute gem!

9/10 by francescoSaronno

The last belt-drive of that PL serie. Affidable, Easy to use, very high performances for mid-low cost turntable.
Try to turn the plate without the belt... I think the Moment of inertia is really amazing!
(my first turntable, 1978)

10/10 by Hairyvike

...this Pioneer has been my sole turntable for the last 35 years (or thereabouts), and in that time has only been serviced once (today :) )and had one change of drivebelt....and it's still going strong!....and thankfully mine is black, not grey

7/10 by Smoke Screen

If todays new turntables would offer the same technical quality,were equaly solid build and confortable in handling like this bread and butter deck from the late seventies
many more would buy new instead of vintage.

9/10 by adagio

Over the years, I have had a considerable number of turntables, but this Pioneer stands out from the crowd in terms of its sound and build quality. I have experimented with a number of cartridges and found a Dual Ortofon cartridge and stylus, produces the most dynamic range of sound with clear highs and beautifully deep controlled bass without being overly expensive. Its build quality is very substantial and it stands on an excellent set of vibration-insulating feet. Set-up and operation is straightforward, assisted by a built-in and easily read 50/60Hz strobe which guarantees perfect speed rotation. This turntable comes from the well regarded Pioneer 5 Series range which covers everything from a basic unit all the way up to semi-professional standard, the PL-516 being close to the top of their domestic units. If this turntable had been finished in a smart black or woodgrain, rather than its somewhat un-attractive Grey, I would have scored it 10/10! As it is, I am very satisfied.

8/10 by noisefreq

Pros: Very user friendly and easy to set up. Accurate feel to the S-type tonearm. Balances out fast and accurate and the cartridge alignment in the detachable headshell is very simple. Cons: Not a very pretty plinth to look at (early 80's gray). The only suspension is in the spring loaded, rubber feet (but so is my Rega). Overall, I can change out cartridges quicker on this table than any other I've experienced. Always sounds good right out of the gate.

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