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Pioneer PL-512 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-512

Pioneer PL-512

10/10 by turntableguru

An awesome turntable. Rock solid construction with a Jelco type arm. This turntable is superior to Pro-Ject Primary, Debut or Essential, having superior sonics and build quality. Very similar to Rega of old. Of the PL514, PL516 and PL518 the PL512 is a standout sonically. Unlike other Rega clones ( HDF plinth, motor and an arm) this one has a speed selector! Upgrade the OEM headshell to the Ortofon or any Alloy one and you will find an improvement in mid bass notes and a tighter more defined bass. 5 stars for price and value. Snap one up now while they are still on the cheap on Ebay.

9/10 by arijit49

Excellent turntable from late 1980,s.Simple, rugged and totally silent.Speed is rock steady and 100% accurate.Audio Technica AT95 e or Ortofon VM series or latest 2M cartridges will be ideal match for its SME type tone arm.Any day better than latest belt drive turntables with similar specs.

9/10 by novy07

Great vintage turntable better than a lot more expensive new turntables.

8/10 by jlsmit007

Excellent. Surpasses the Rega Rp1 in many respects.

10/10 by Muppfel1966

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