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Pioneer PL-510A Reviews

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Pioneer PL-510A

Pioneer PL-510A

8/10 by McDeltaT

Great automatic turntable with very smooth queuing. Recommended as an entry level table and can be had at a great price.

9/10 by ajistewart

a simply great record player. Has really good fine adjustments on the tone arm both vertically, and laterally, as well as pressure and anti-skate. Had it hooked up through a cheap pre-amp and sounds amazing (really does come down to the stylus) which surprisingly is the original from 1976 and is in perfect condition. For me, the best bit is, is it was a hand me down from my dad who also has a PL560 fully automatic, so i got this one.

9/10 by peter21

Have this as a spare, why? I used it for several years, but many times i forgot to turn it off.
Its completely manual. It is avery good turntable, looks very nice, has a fantastic arm. It is better than my Thorens 166, 20 years ago. Sometimes i want to sell it, but than i connect it again, listen a few weeks and loose my intention.
I found a good Technics sl-d2 , that brings the arm back and switches off.

7/10 by caputto70

Bought one of these for about 25 dollars. Cleaned pots and electonics. Seamed to be an ok turntable. Got 250 after cleaning it. But I would not pay that much myself. OK starters table.

4/10 by Willem54

I own a PL510 that has a slightly different platter but otherwise is the same. It has speed stability problems, caused by the internal pots and speed switch. Plinth not adequately dampened so keep away from speakers. In all a good player if still in good condition. Overall build quality is good, rubber dampened feet likely to give up their task so resonance problems get worse over time due to direct contact with the plinth. Tone arm not suitable for higher compliance cartridges, so definately not the same specs as the Technics SL-1200 that accepts high compliant carts much better. Very quiet motor, no audible rumble, springs that cary the sub chassis can be sitting uneven in their mounts, causing the platter sitting not perfectly level. Easy to adjust though by turning the springs a little. I'm busy fixing the speed issue. Very solid cover made of perspex rather than the harder and resonate sensitive polycarbonate most other covers are made of.

5/10 by efarms96

does this turntable have an auto return feature or is it manual?

8/10 by jansjetta

This is a good manual TT. It sold for $199.00 in 1976. I currently use one as a transcription table. The speed adjustment pots are finicky and need cleaning or sweeping occasionally. Better sound than my Technics (better mids, no high roll off) and just as bulletproof. Tonearm looks like a Rega R200 clone with better anti-skate (spring) and less bad resonance than most S shaped Japanese OEM tonearms from this era. Same tonearm used on 530 and early 570. Box-type plinth could benefit from dampening and deadening but it's pretty nice as is.

7/10 by expo67

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