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Pioneer PL-50L Reviews

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Pioneer PL-50L

Pioneer PL-50L

10/10 by prabie

Just bought one and refinished it to black piano lacquer. Also disassembled it to pieces, noticing that it is very well built and designed to last for centuries. The automatic arm rise and stop is working perfect despite of the age of this machine. Its tracking abilities are superb and it is very silent. It is an eye catcher for all my friends. I was looking for a top notch turntable without non sense gizmos and this one fills all my expectations.

6/10 by froma

It's the bigger brother to PL-30LII. It's still a very good player. The 30 gets a score 5 and his get the score 6. But the big brother PL-70LII gets a score 9 ;)

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