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Pioneer PL-50 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-50

Pioneer PL-50

5/10 by Monty75

This turn table is a pl50- 50l , is it not .I have a pl-50 a the arm is in the cover!

9/10 by inperson

If you find one that requires little work and is in nice looking condition get it. This is my first spring loaded TT and I love how it sounds. These tables are really for enjoying the music in a record, not for analysing it. The return arm settings and adjustments can be a pain to deal with.

7/10 by Eman1

I gave it a 7 for how pretty it is. Mine was in mint condition when I got it. It needed a belt and let me help you here. While it needs a 35.1 inch belt make sure you get one .025 thick. My first was .035 and it played fast. Also I've owned tuning forks that didn't ring as loud or long as this platter! Dampen it w/Dynamat or something similar. Nice touch with the adjustable feet. I love that the service manual here also showed how to repack it as I have the box and all packing.

10/10 by hotrodman21

Thank you so much for this wonderful post, you guys are saints, I cannot thank you enough, this should be all the info I need

10/10 by arielrod35

I have had this model for about 45 years, purchased for $180. I have about 1,000 LP's and occasionally I enjoy going back to old recordings. I had a long standing problem with the motor picking up the 33.3 speed and had to shift to 45 and then back to 33. I was able to get a new belt and with the oiling, the TT returned to working condition. Got me a new Shure cartridge and done. Have thought to get me a new one, but has been postponing it. My entire CD collection is now in iTunes, so I have plenty of music to listen, either from my PC or the Cloud. I have transferred some of the LPs to MP3, but it is a lengthy and tiresome task.

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