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Pioneer PL-5 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-5

Pioneer PL-5

7/10 by peaceoflight

This was my first real turntable as an ‘adult’. I was 20/21 in 1981/82 when purchased. Can’t remember which year. This is 2019.

I did quite a bit of research, building the best I
could purchase on a budget, making about $15k/year at the time. This had the specs of the Technics of the era for a significant lower price.

I lost that one over the years, but just found one in 8.5/10 condition or better, fully functional.

Major question is what cartridge? My last two on other Technics have been Ortofon 2M Bronze. I’ll possibly go with a Blue or another brand. If this were my only turntable, I’d likely put a Bronze on it.

It’s a sleeper with outstanding performance. The ‘stroboscope’ is viewable through a window on the front panel, as opposed to being on the portion of the platter above deck, which is unique, if nothing else.

I considered $100 in 2019 a great price on this fully automatic turntable.

7/10 by Delmo

Excellent service manual. I have a speed control issue with my PL-5 and the info in this manual is most helpful. Thre PL-5 is spot on when the speed control is properly working with superb sound repoduction.

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