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Pioneer PL-430 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-430

Pioneer PL-430

8/10 by naf456

My first turntable. Connected up with Project Phono box E and a pair of M-audio AV-30's, using the original 202 cartridge. Sounds incredible, definitely better then CD or Streaming through the same speakers. Haven't wanted to eq the turntable once, which is surprising as I'm always faffing about with that with digital setups as they never sound right. This sounds right to me. Bought the table for £20 off eBay and am 100% happy with it. The tone arm chassis is plastic, which is a minor negative. IMO it's a good looking bit of kit.

10/10 by izzy69

Great Turntable! Plays perfect. Sounds amazing with AT95E cartridge. Crisp sound with punchy bass. No background noise. Tonearm is surprisingly strong and accurate for a light weight graphite one.

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