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Pioneer PL-41 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-41

Pioneer PL-41

9/10 by JJCalvillo

I found this table on CL and it needed a little love. Once I cleaned it up, added damping fluid, a new thrust plate and belt, WOW! Besides sounding fantastic, this is table art. It starts with the beautiful wood plinth, and continues with the simple, functional design.

8/10 by jpref23

Outstanding manual vintage turntable that is also beautiful to look at. The wood base and solid aluminum platter make this a great choice if you are getting into the vintage turntable market. Easy to fix and find parts to refurbish. This was my daily player for over two years until I upgraded to a PL-6A idler drive. Still use it to this day. If you get one, you'll surely need to replace the spindle bearing ($10 on eBay) as the stock bearings wore out and disintegrated after 30-40 years. It's an easy fix that even a novice like me was able to accomplish. You can also find aftermarket dust covers to make it look brand new again.

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