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Pioneer PL-400 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-400

Pioneer PL-400

9/10 by rachelcm

Going to rate this high. It's almost as old as me after all (and runs way better). After I bought my partner a cheap turntable turntable, what they say about quality vintage gear is right. I paid £100 for this, roughly the same as I did on the last turntable and there's no comparison. Built like a tank compared to a modern equivalent price wise. It was fitted with an AT410e when I got it, don't have any experience of this cart, it seems brighter than the AT95e on my last table. I'll stay with it until the stylus needs changing.

9/10 by macbeth2003

Bought one of these at a garage sale in 2008. It has performed flawlessly for me probably an average of a couple hours every day since then. I'm passing it on to my son now, who is very pleased with it. This thing has been absolutely bulletproof. Moved house twice with it, once it was dropped by the movers. No problems as a result. The speed is absolutely perfect (as it should be with quartz lock). The automatic start and stop is nice, as I'm frequently doing something else around the house when it ends. Really nice turntable.

7/10 by shaunballinger

The 1980 version....a good deck...impressive speed stability and pitch....arm sounds better than it looks...a match for technics sl1700 etc at a fraction of the price...change the mat,put on a descent headshell and cartridge and your away.

10/10 by metroguy

Original owner here! Nice to know it is a decent deck. Bought new with an SX-950 (still have that also).

8/10 by Alandbets

Still working strong, had it since 1980.

8/10 by lowlow007

Excellent cheap turntable ! Nice arm .
Quartz lock, direct drive, perfect with a AT 95 !
Found one for 50 € in a cash converter...

7/10 by John Barringer

Very decent low cost quartz direct drive. List price of$ 199.00 in 1979.

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