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Pioneer PL-4 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-4

Pioneer PL-4

7/10 by La_casa_del_suono

A good turntable with floating counterframe suspended and balanced on the four feet. The arm is well made, although it looks like an all black carbon polymer toy. However it does its job well: Equipped with a good cartridge, it is capable of giving beautiful emotions. The adjustment of the weight is precise and the graduated scale of it helps. Sometimes the automatism jams but you just have to turn the plate by hand when it is turned off and the mechanism is reset. The speed adjustment is accessible, through a long and thin screwdriver, by two holes placed under the plate, in the vicinity of the arm castle. The silver colored lever for the movement of the arm is precise and robust, although plastic, like the anti-skating adjustment, very effective. The turntable cabinet is plastic, but made with quality, with a well-made Gold Champagne finish. In my model I added thick black soft plastic washers under the feet, so as to make it more insensitive to vibrations. Overall, a good inexpensive, yet robust, complete and good quality turntable. Able to impress you with a very enjoyable sound with a good cartridge

6/10 by madog99

Recently picked one of these up with speed issues , so cleaned the adjust and selector switches and now works great . Pretty decent sound and nice cueing . You could do a lot worse than this unit .

8/10 by SiriusXaim

For the price, there's few better options. At a low wow and flutter of 0.035 it outperforms most ProJect turntables. Tonearm is very decent, with little to no wobble. Platter starts fast too. Don't pay more than $70 for it tho.

Do replace the cartridge with something more high end, and you got yourself a killer direct drive on a budget.

7/10 by Fishtails

This is a nice turntable. Lovely tonearm and smooth styling. The sound is lovely for a turntable of its category. I would recommend replacing the cartridge with something else to acheive better sound. The model is susceptable to speed issues which can be fixed by srpaying the speed adjuster with deoxit. The auto mechanism can also do with lubrication if it is malfunctioning.

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