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Pioneer PL-300 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-300

Pioneer PL-300

9/10 by John Rossman

Yes it is a nice turntable. I bought mine new in 1979-80. I went into the Navy for six years, got married, moved several times. This has been in the box for all those years! I busted it out last
week and set up all of my old gear. The sound I get is incredible. I did put a Pioneer 4MC cartridge and stylus on it which blew me away. I am now in the process of cleaning my old vinyl. The PL-300 keeps on ticking!!!

8/10 by rickywest

Easy to work on. Great sound auto return very handy. stylish design with thin deck and beveled platter.

8/10 by dj_sugarr

it sounds really good with cheep stylus...i think its gonna be much better with something good ... nice table for $100-$150 range

10/10 by izzy69

Great turntable!

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