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Pioneer PL-30-K Reviews

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Pioneer PL-30-K

Pioneer PL-30-K

5/10 by mwamsley

I was weighing my options between the Denon DP300, Yamaha TTs303b and the Pioneer PL30K. I decided on the Pioneer PL30k. It would have been nice if the RCA cables were detachable like the Yamaha but it wasn't a deal breaker when considering features and price. I replaced the cartridge/stylus immediately with an Audio Technica AT120e. Setup was easy, got everything dialed in and have been very pleased. people have complained about speed fluctuation problem but I've had none of that trouble. I have been very pleased!

5/10 by mcdatsun

I also had to return 2 of these due to speed fluctuations. Never had any such issues with any other turntable. Too bad because it sounded very nice!

10/10 by 4yvak671games

Using this turntable for 2 months with amfiton 25 as 227 speakers & 50W/4Ohms amp. No speed issues where found, checked cartridge alightment by the protractor, also, no issues with that. Good turntable for its price.

3/10 by nickcresswell

I had two of these machines, both had speed fluctuation problems and were returned. The headshell doesn't sit completely aligned with the vinyl surface and this cannot be adjusted without using shims - so it's fiddly to setup and not as simple as the manufacturer claims.

If you anyway discerning about sound and you definitely want a fully automatic turntable, spend a bit more money and get a Dual CS-455.

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