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Pioneer PL-250 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-250

Pioneer PL-250

10/10 by slobrain

This is a very well built turntable. The bottom chassis is steel and heavy. This is a very slim design but the speed holds well and the auto return is excellent. Over all its Japan made and better built than the newer stuff of 2019. The electronics are well designed. Over all a rock solid performer. Its 1980 made so if you get one from Goodwill or ebay it will require basic maintenance to perform top notch, once maintenance is done it should last a long time. IMHO I would rather have a vintage turntable built in the heyday of turntable manufacturing as they were built to last in the 1970s/ early 80s.

10/10 by Ghaasl

Solid deck. Holds a steady speed at both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. Lots of cartridge options. I went with a Nagaoka MP-110 and I’ll never look back. Semi-auto is fantastic. It’s easy to service and it plays well. It’s my forever turntable.

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