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Pioneer PL-200 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-200

Pioneer PL-200

8/10 by nares666

Te koop tweede hands voor een habbekrats. Audio Technica 95 E erin en genieten maar.

10/10 by Franchesco

i bought mine for $60, all around a good turntable. the whole thing has a nice weight to it, doesn't have a cheap feel to it like newer turntables

10/10 by Rob Duff

I have just bought one of these as a temporary replacement for my Brothers Rega Planar 2, which needs a rewire that I will sort. I am testing the PL-200 with an old AT cart &, to be honest, it is very good. It is easy to set up, pitch seems very steady & it has a good sound. Okay, it is not the sound of my CJ Walker 58 with a Syrinx PU2 Gold & Goldring 1042, but for very little cost it is great. For a low cost introduction to vinyl, highly recommended.

8/10 by RobinP

Having recently bought two old turntables that needed some repair I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this one was fault free and worked much better than its humble looks would suggest.
It appears to be very lightweight and nearly all plastic but the platter is a heavy cast aluminium affair, the arm is good enough and the direct drive electronics are modern enough to use integrated circuits so stand a better chance of being reliable than older designs.
I've fitted an ADC magnesium headshell and an Audio Technica AT100E cartridge - it sounds excellent.
Highly reccommended if you can find a cheap one (mine only cost 20 Euros!)

10/10 by trev57

Picked up one from a thrift store as it looked like I could plant the floating turntable unit into a nice lump of beech that I have but it sounds fine as it is.very heavy turntable with a nice arm,I have fitted an ortofon om 5e and am very happy with the results

10/10 by Gagnester

Technically I joined the vinyl cult when I purchased an old console with a Garrard table in it for fifty bucks at a thrift store. However I did not really UNDERSTAND the greatness that is analog until I picked one of these up for fourteen bucks and replaced the cartridge with a modern AT95E Audio-Technica Cartridge. As a disclaimer, this is the only nice turntable I have known, but damn does it sound wonderful. For a total of 64 dollars, I am very pleased

8/10 by elsneian

For the price this is a great table! The one negative I have encountered is the pitch control jumps a little bit over time. Usually during a song. But for the most part I love this TT.

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