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Pioneer PL-2 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-2

Pioneer PL-2

7/10 by La_casa_del_suono

A good turntable with floating counterframe suspended (one top in golden color and the other bottom black) and balanced on the four feet. The arm is well made, although it looks like an all black carbon polymer toy. However it does its job well: Equipped with a good cartridge, it is capable of giving beautiful emotions, thanks to its low mass. Sometimes the automatism jams but you just have to turn the plate by hand when it is turned off and the mechanism is reset. The speed adjustment is accessible, through a long and thin screwdriver, by two holes placed under the plate, in the vicinity of the arm castle. The silver colored lever for the movement of the arm is precise and robust, although plastic, like the anti-skating adjustment, very effective. The turntable cabinet is plastic, but made with quality, with a well-made Gold Champagne finish. In my model I added thick black soft plastic washers under the feet, so as to make it more insensitive to vibrations. Overall, a good inexpensive, yet robust, complete and good quality turntable. Able to get you excited about a very enjoyable sound, as long as you have it with a good cartridge

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