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Pioneer PL-15D Reviews

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Pioneer PL-15D

Pioneer PL-15D

10/10 by Bert0324

I like the looks, the simple mechanics that include auto-shut-off, and the sound. Goes very well with an AT95e cartridge. I've used it ever since when people were throwing the likes of these in the bin. Think it's needed a new belt once and that's it. Used a Thorens 166 mk2 with a Nagaoka JT322 before, but prefer this one. Go figure...

10/10 by greedy42

I was given two dusty pioneer decks one was a PL115 and the other a PL15D. I serviced and cleaned both decks then sold the PL115 the PL15D i just couldn't part with its in such great condition and tracks perfectly and i love the early 70's styling and build quailty

8/10 by gmfgmf1

Got a Mk2 for $20 put a $100 cartridge on it and it is very pleasing

I have many other - more expensive tables

5/10 by decanterlime

When I got this TT it was in a sorry state mechanicaly. I have disabled the auto-mechanism which is easy to do. The drive spindle lightly filed/emmeryed and polished. New belt ( same as PL12D) Strips of ~18 mm wide artists card paffred onto the inner platter drive rim to tone down the speed. The deraillier straightened out. New headshell fitted with Shure M75EJM @ 1.5g and antiskate set ok. The tonearm is fabulous. This is a fantastic deck now and I love it. Has an high end feel too. Clean sound and behaves the same as the PL12D
**** I'd give it MB

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