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Pioneer PL-15 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-15

Pioneer PL-15

5/10 by franco-56

10/10 by hanry 75

My dad bought a Pioneer PL15 in the early 70's. It survived us as kids, my brothers' kids and now the true test of two little rug rats. It has worked smooth all these years with minimal to no issues. Not often that electronics last as long as this did. Very impressive and still looks and sounds as good as new.

9/10 by Superbobus

Really nice turntable! So far, I'm very happy with this one. Mine is a 1972 c-model in black. Everything works silky smooth. Only I had to set the counterweight for my Nagaoka MP110 to the maximum advice of 2g, otherwise a few records skip. That's about the only issue I had with it. Can't tell yet how reliable it is, since I have it for only two weeks now, but I'm happy spinning my records on this one.

8/10 by breaker-bar-jon

I've had one of these for a year now, playing through a Pioneer SX650 and a pair of ditton 33's. Sounds absolutely awesome. Fitted a Sure M97XE cartridge and it just sounds like you are there. The auto return mech plays up every now and then needing a bit of oil, but only takes a moment. It seems quite rare, I've not seen another since I found it on the popular auction site. Built in 1974, it's absolutely great, looks fab, no frills, does what it should. Put a record on and sit back and listen to it.

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