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Pioneer PL-12D Reviews

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Pioneer PL-12D

Pioneer PL-12D

7/10 by abril

Great little basic but decent quality turntable - except for the fact the motor isolation gave up after less than 2 years,motor drone was then easily audible.

10/10 by agandr

I have bought this turntable refurbished from eBay seller and I couldn't be happier. It's a very simple device, it works well and sounds great. Really great unit for the price.

8/10 by nikkita_katana

Recently bought one of these to play my few old records that had been packed in a box since about the mid 90's. The turntable had been packed away in the sellers garage for over 10 years and I gave it a bit of a wipe and replaced the rca plugs and it worked just fine.
It came with a Goldring Elektra cartridge and I have to say, the sound coming out of it is actually putting my Marantz cd48 to shame. As it's only my first ever proper turntable I have no kind of comparisons to offer here but I can say if you're looking for something moderately priced to either start playing vinyl, or to dust off an old record collection, it would be an excellent choice.
Been using it every day for a month now with no problems at all.
I'm going to give it 4 stars but in terms of value for money I'd nudge it nearer to 5.
If it has any fault at all it's that I've since spent more than I should have on new records to play on it!!
I guess that's not such a bad thing.

9/10 by smallmouth

Just finished my third rebuild of a PL-12D and I have to say that they are a joy to work on. Solidly built with a fundamentally sound design. I'm in total agreement with Jimiz and mfsibbald that this table needs improved vibration isolation. Once this was dealt with, the tonearm allowed my V15 IV to track some quite demanding grooves in my vinyl collection more than adequately. I will be keeping one of these!

10/10 by mercidee

I have had my PL12D for 25+ years and it still plays near cd quality as long as the vinyl is clean.

8/10 by clh1997

Simplicity and reliability are the keywords when it comes to Pioneer PL-12D.
Not much can go wrong – and normally doesn’t. PL-12D is a really good choice for one who has (re)discovered music on vinyl or needs a second turntable/set-up. And it could work well as a primary turntable for a mid-priced set-up also.

A few things to be aware of (besides the rubber belt of course):

1 - Remember to lubricate the motor through the small lubrication-hole under the platter. Lack of oil is about the only thing that can kill the motor.

2 – The 3 rubber suspensions that carry the motor will eventually dry out thus make the motor vibrations audible through the chassis/cartridge. Take out the suspensions – careful! – and treat them with a Robber Conditioner (LaCross makes one). They’ll regain their softness, flexibility and ability to absorb the vibrations from the motor.

3 – You might want to disassemble, clean and lubricate the platter bearing. But first chek out of it runs well by taking the rubber belt of and rotate the platter by hand. If it keeps on running for a looong time things should be fine.

9/10 by E-Man

I've had my PL-12DII for more than 30 years. My grandfather gave it to me and it has always performed flawlessly. It's a dead simple, no-frills turntable but that simplicity is actually its greatest strength. With a little basic maintenance, there's really nothing to go wrong. Operation is very smooth and quiet. It's not exactly a piece of audiophile kit, but it has given me faithful service since 1983.

8/10 by Laubhaufen

I found my PL 12D on the Garbage and he cried save my Live. :-))
Ok, I take him to my Home, spend him new Cables, a new Belt, a Shure M95 from my Stock, new Foam Buffers, a great Cleaning an oiling Service, a polishing for the Cabinet and now he is pretty good playing again. It is not a High End Unit but it is Ok.
The Selling Price 1974 in Germany was 400,- DM, that was a lot of Money for the Time, the most People became 800 - 1000 DM per Month in 1974.

10/10 by izzy69

6/10 by caputto70

9/10 by Jimiz

I bought this PL-12D Mk II from a seller off of eBay and was in excellent condition. I took the time to completely tear it down and do a complete rebuild. Reconditioned the foam rubber spring inserts and motor dampers with Lacrosse rubber conditioner, cleaned out the platter bearing housing and spindle and oiled the motor. Gave it a new belt, Nagaoka MP-110 MM cartridge and Litz wire headshell leads with the stock headshell. I didn't use the lateral weight like many on this forum have suggested. I upgraded the stock interconnect cable and AC power cord bundle by replacing these with a separate plate for RCAs for the outputs and Cardas ground lug as well as installing an IEC AC power connector in the plinth where the motor is located.
I agree with the previous reviewer about isolating this turntable from vibration, the plinth is nothing but a resonator for airborne and system coupled vibrations. I am using a Mapleshade Vibration Control System to completely decouple and isolate this turntable from my equipment rack. The result is excellent sound stage, imaging and faithful reproduction of the music. My rating of 9/10 is based on using this turntable with the Mapleshade VCS.

8/10 by mfsibbald

Vibration isolation is key with this player. Once you have this unit setup so it is nicely isolated from vibration and noise she plays beautifully. For what it was intended to be it really has no business sounding this good. You could easily pay 2 to 3 times for a better deck but setup correctly and with a decent cartridge it really deserves and 8/10, it just exceeds what its suppose to be. GREAT VALUE! and GREAT SOUND!

5/10 by desertdog

Well liked in the 70s as a cheap belt drive, not bad to listen to, looked on as a poor mans Thorens TD 160

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