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Pioneer PL-117D Reviews

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Pioneer PL-117D

Pioneer PL-117D

8/10 by Sunnyledge

Purchased while in the military in 1977. Survived several moves and still performs well today. Replace the belt once.

7/10 by Asbracy

Have had this turntable since is was about 13. It is from the seventies and has always performed wonderfully i have kept it clean and running since then.

10/10 by edagger74

Bought this TT at a resale shop where I live. Offered the lady that runs the place 30 dollars for it. She agreed and I took it home. Installed a new cart on it, replaced the belt, and cleaned it up. Best TT I have ever owned. For a belt drive, it does wonderfully. All of the automatic features, like auto start and repeat, work fantastic. Every album I play on it, makes me just love it more and more. If you are looking for a good vintage belt drive TT, you cannot go wrong with the model from Pioneer.

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