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Pioneer PL-112D Reviews

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Pioneer PL-112D

Pioneer PL-112D

9/10 by jwvanwijngaarden

I bought one as my first turntable with a dust cover with almost no scratches. As first step I mounted a solid plywood bottom, lubricated it and replaced belt and stylus. After a while, being happy wit the sound it produced I put new silicone damping oil in the arm lift (very instructive video on Youtube) and peeled the tatty plastic wood veneer from the base and veneered the base with real cherry-veneer. Finally I mounted a AT-450 cartridge from eBay. Now it is a good looking, musical sounding player, good for many years to come. I am very happy with so much quality for so little money. In the Netherlands prices are moving upward, but still, if you want to start with vinyl you do make a good start with this one, very good sounding, simple and fuzzfree.

10/10 by rwalker130

Solid turntable, and I do mean solid. Sound is excellent, look is solid retro tasteful, all in all the PL112D is solid.

5/10 by ljadkins

I've owned one sense about 1976 and have replaced the belt twice and oil it from time to time It's never let me down but you do have to be carful with your cable routing you can pickup noise from lots of different places.

9/10 by mfsibbald

the Pl12, 112d, 115d etc are fantastic, fuss free simple two speed belt drive turntables. The bang for your buck is outstanding. It doent compete with my KD500 and Grace 707 but it was never suppose to.

These are reliable, and VERY musical decks and will give you your value when you upgrade the cartridge. I cant recommend them enough. Simple and budget friendly, they will still slay many of the higher end tables and pretty much all the modern budget decks in the 200 to 300 dollar range. I mean it they will embarrass those modern units!!

9/10 by Nerfder

9/10 by Alchemist_8

Brilliant deck. Looks the business too.

9/10 by deltron

9/10 by TheGreatGaze

8/10 by sr77sr

5/10 by jprodaj

8/10 by rsan

7/10 by lowlow007

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