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Pink Triangle Export Reviews

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Pink Triangle Export

Pink Triangle Export

10/10 by DrMike

One of the truly great iconic bits of UK hifi.
The design innovations are extensive and detailed. The acrylic platter a revelation (more so with a thin Funk Firm Achromat .... also designed by Arthur). The motor can be replaced as mine with a kit inc external speed changing PSU from Arthur at the Funk Firm. All it needs is a great arm ( for me not n SME) but a modded Rega say from Audio Origami or a Funk Firm FX-R, and you have a super deck!

10/10 by Swiss1

Awesome deck With perseverance this little deck sounds amazing even after 25years. The motor speeds are spot on. I've using a Rega RB 303 and a Ofofon red 2M cart , and for my first deck I'm pretty happy so far sound is good . getting the platter level was the fun part smooth as once set and even slighty warped discs track well. Only major thing was I did have to shim the Rega more on one side of the armboard so the headshell to get best level of the cartridge over the record. Now happy days drums sound like drums vocals much clearer guitars veriy cartridge still bedding in and will do rebalance and alinement after a week of play see how if that Improves, Deck it's self very cool

5/10 by s-tasco

It is one of the best turntables, but it has the motor control not so good; i have tried to buy an advanced dc motor kit from Origin Live but is impossible to fit the motor in the deck because the pulley of DC 100 motor (also in the tall version)is very short for to guide the belt that slips down on the platter in evey moment. is there a person that can help me?

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