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Philips GA 312 Reviews

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Philips GA 312

Philips GA 312

9/10 by Muzzwell

The 212 and 312 are very under rated. As are the GP 400 and 401 carts. I have had excellent results especially with lower frequency playback. The amount of snobbery in hifi is astonishing, an example of this is headshell material. Plastic is actually one of the most suitable headshell materials that exist, less resonance than wood or alloys. A thinner arm tube is also less resonant. The tonearms in the Philips tables could use better bearings but still I get less rumble than with my SME arm on a Thorens 160. So yes even with a not so heavy platter, these Philips machines if set up right can absolutely hold ground.

9/10 by garends

Great entry table for someone looking to get into vinyl. Once you set this table up with a decent and properly aligned cartridge it sounds simply wonderful. The tonearm is the weakest point, and it has a cheesy headshell, but the 312 makes up for it by producing a fantastic sound for the budget audio enthusiast.

8/10 by Xyrios974

Excellent turntable. Got 2 of them, they are solid, they sound very good, and they are beautiful with their sensitive controls. Best part : they are sold for less than 50€... Grab one and enjoy !

8/10 by DaveyJones

I sold these at Tech HiFi in Greenwich Village, NYC around 1978-9. It was a mid-price component selling for around $150 including an inexpensive Empire or Audio Technica cartridge. It was a huge improvement over the lousy idler-wheel Garrard or BIC fully automatic stacking record players with pre-mounted Shure cartridges. The Philips would fit into systems from about $500 to about $1,000. I liked it better than the competing Technics direct drive unit because the Philips didn't get acoustical feedback at high volumes. They were reliable, too. And quite elegant. The switch for 33-45-off uses electrical capacitance. That is, you just touch it with your finger, and the red rear-illumination indicates your choice. No moving parts. We used (and sold) little piezo-electric anti-static guns to help clean records. Turns out you could start the Philips without even touching it! Just point the anti-static gun and pull the trigger. What can I say? It was fun being a young guy and playing with the stereo equipment. What other job would let me have long hair, wear jeans and no tie, and drink a Heineken while working, then smoke a joint with the boss after we closed the store at night? It sure beat working for a living haha ha. I still have (and use) the Philips 312, Large Advent speakers and Marantz receiver I got back in 1978. The Advent cassette deck died several decades ago.

9/10 by taru03

I got one of this vintage TT for 15 bucks. Platter, plinth, tonearm, dust cover in immaculate condition. Original N70B Shure stylus.The problem with those guys is the on/off switch. Sooner or later you'll have to replace it. It is simple and the cost for a new one is 6-8 dollars. Now, no complaints at all, because for 23 bucks I've a nice piece made in Holland. The sound is warm and the pitch controls for both speeds are very accurate. Don't walk or jump very close to it, the chassis has so much vibration. The soft buttons with lights are amazing (but I prefer the red lights, mine are green...). Average TT with nice sound!

8/10 by Oldred

Had one 30 years ago....Just bought one again.After spending a day going through everything.Very happy to have 312 back.They don't make things like they use to.Great sound

10/10 by fernandodrg

My new pickup! Its beauty one!

5/10 by triodelicacy

Good performing turntable marred by flimsy construction and the cheesiest head shell ever. Buy it for a bargain-basement price and you'll be okay.

9/10 by gorlokrg

Revived mine by soldering the connections to the headshell. Highly recommend this turntable. However, it is fairly retro. If you have albums with varying weight you have to continuously adjust the speed control. Also setting the VTF is somewhat difficult.

Other than that, its packed full of sound. Great build!

8/10 by Misterp16

A fine example of a high performing, reliable, and affordable turntable.

9/10 by jbdetcity

just revived mine, sounding great! :D

8/10 by steyn

Super quality turntable.

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