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Philips GA 212 Reviews

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Philips GA 212

Philips GA 212

9/10 by squidly

This is a very honest-sounding turntable and I love it. The popular Shure V15 Type III cart with a Jico SAS stylus is wonderful for all-around listening. I also use a Goldring 1006 which I like better for heavy metal and grunge.
Recently, I thought I’d “upgrade” my turntable and got a Pioneer PL-707. Just from looking at the specs, the Pioneer should’ve walked all over the Philips. Unfortunately, it was overly smooth sounding. I turned right around and put it up for sale after a day. The artist who smoked 3 packs a day for 20 years? I want to hear that in his voice. Same with an acoustic guitar. I want to hear the string plucks, not just the notes. The Philips does this so well that I don’t have the urge to upgrade anymore.

8/10 by Pauw

I like this table it is my 45 spinner and with a G400 cartridge with its spherical stylus , it does a great job and extracts a nice sound with minimal effort.

9/10 by JJCalvillo

The table has a couple of idiosyncrasies, but when you have it in fighting-trim if sounds really, really nice. Found one that had been abused and with a little love it performs very well.

9/10 by sanman68

I just bought one of these turntables from a customer. He dropped it of for a service and clean up. I was so impressed with it I had to have it so he sold it to me. It has a phillips cartridge and it sounds quite good, I'm very happy with it.

8/10 by fj2525vl

Great sound with this toy TT look!

8/10 by tvphobic

No dissent from me on the GA212. Quite attractive design. Enough platter mass for reasonable pitch stability - not on a level with super-TTs naturally. I had good results with an ADC VLM, then XLM, then an Ortofon LM-15. The arm itself is low mass, and the headshell should really have been made of something much more rigid. Philips should have upgraded this design and participated in the high-end TT renaissance in the mid 1980s - shortsighted move by not doing so.

5/10 by eb2jim

I've owned several of these. All set up, re-capped, led converted, and free of old belt ooze under the platter, these guys deserve a higher rating than I am giving them. That is the problem with these though: you just can't find one sitting around that doesn't need some real attention. There is not one achilles heel here, but really all of them add up. That is a lot of work. I know how to do it all after so many years, but I could see these being a cautionary tale if you come across one cheap. There is a steep learning curve to DIY maintenance, so weigh that. Cleaning up Philips belt ooze is the WORST job. And it has to be done. Messy and only the nastiest of chemicals work. If they have been all cleaned up, and set up, they sell quick and for decent money. But if that work hasn't been done, you will go batty with one.

9/10 by johnnyd63

Great table for the price point. Like all things vinyl, these have been creeping up in price lately on the 2nd hand market. Achilles heel of this (and the 312) are the power switch and 470 uF electrolytic cap that WILL fail. If you are seeing weird sensor issues on the 45-off-33 buttons, that cap is the culprit

8/10 by capriolo

I used this table for 15 years with a Shure V15 lll cart, Kenwood integrated amp and Advent largers. It is defiantly a great sounding table with the right setup.

8/10 by careyboy01

With decent cartridge and some tweaking of the suspension,this very under-rated deck is as good as a Thorens TD 165 and most of their suspended chassis decks. The ULM arm and the slide out carrier may be its weak link,yet Dual,used the ULM's even in their 505 audiophile series. I've been tweaking this Philips for some time and I will put it up against my pals Thorens anyday. If anyone wants to know how to get 'er going, gimme a holler!

7/10 by desertdog

Nice sounding unit probably underated in its day. posted 2013

9/10 by chriseeo

Excellent value for money. I have a GA212 since 1973. One motor and one belt changed since then. Now playing with an Empire MC-20EII cartridge, at 2gr weight. Lovely sound through new RCA type cable and Yamaha CR-820 receiver. Homemade speakers!

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