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Perpetuum-Ebner PE 34 HiFi Reviews

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Perpetuum-Ebner PE 34 HiFi

Perpetuum-Ebner PE 34 HiFi

7/10 by aardvarkash10

This is my solid little workhorse. Its worth next-to-nothing in cash, but I love it.

I got it for free in another deal. I wasn't impressed at first and almost said no, but my miserly mind nodded my head and it followed me home.

It had no plinth - just the bare, dirty turntable, with no cartridge. However, cleaning it led to a change of heart, and it has run in my system ever since.

The appeal lay in its capable idler drive, its heavy cast platter (10 inch, but plenty of mass) and a huge bronze bearing that the platter spindle spun smoothly and silently in.

I had the idler rebuilt by VOM who did a great job and turned it around in reasonable time at a fair price. Ed supplied one of the last Red Ed elliptical carts, I built a butt-ugly timber plinth, cut a felt slip mat for the platter because the rubber platter mat had hardened to a rock, and thus it lives.

Its stubby little tonearm is almost as pitifully short and poor geometry as a Garrard 209-210, and the cartridge is fitted to a slide that has its own mind about how often its contacts should pass the audio signal to the built-in RIAA pre-amp. Its mostly fine.

The arm's geometry audibly limits resolution on the inner grooves of an LP and the semi-auto system stubbornly refuses to lift at the end of a record just like I stubbornly refuse to investigate why.

This is no audiophile dream. No-one will wet themselves playing with its tracking weight which is kind of adjustable but presently completely unknown to me.

But its fun, its easy to use and live with, I don't care if the cat sits on it and it plays and makes me smile. This year it might get a new fancy plinth as I am putting a Zero 100 back into service, but I suspect the fussiness of the Garrard might bring me back to my dumpy little East German vinyl-frau.

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