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Oracle Alexandria Reviews

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Oracle Alexandria

Oracle Alexandria

10/10 by Jimbuy

The thing just sings! Mine is a MK II with a Sumiko Premier MMT. It came with the Oracle/Jelco 250. They both sound great wit a variety of cartridges, which the Sumiko lets me roll. It certainly bests my Linn Basik with basic LVX and the Yamaha YP-B4 that preceded it. She was rebuilt by a local master.

10/10 by Chris1450

I have bought this turntable ( MK 1 ) used for 600$ cdn 20 years ago. It is reliable and sounds excellent. Mine is equipped with a RB300 tonearm and a Grace F9E cartridge and the suspension was upgraded ( I bought it like that) If you can get your hand on one like that got for it . The suspension is incredible and its dead quiet. Separate power supply. All the goodies of a high end turntable at an affordable price.

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