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Onkyo CP-1130F Reviews

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Onkyo CP-1130F

Onkyo CP-1130F

9/10 by bstetter

This thing is awesome! Every aspect is very high quality. All the controlls are soft touch buttons. It is dead silent when operating and playing.

The direct drive motor is near instantanous on start and stop. The electronic cueing system allows presice are placement anywhere on the record. The CARBON FIBER tone arm decends with a VERY light touch. Automatic tone arm placement and height is completely adjustible. There is a small easy to read and functional pitch control. The diamond cut platter and thick silicone rubber mat are removable.

The whole table sits on four solid springs with soft rubber feet. The feet on this one have mostly rotted away, bupt finding a substitute should be easy. Underneath everything is a tight fitting cover to keep all the internals safe and clean.

This unit came with a modest lookind ADC MK V cartridge/stylus that I could not find on the internet, but the stereo separation (as purchased) is quite remarkable. I ordered a new AT95SE cartridge as a precaution. I'll see soon which is better.

Asthetically, I find the CP1130F very pleasing indeed. Very simple, very light looking, and with its low profile clear cover, it appears very modern.

Playing records with this unit is a dream come true. Find one of these in good, clean condition, and you will see what I mean.

For me the vinyl world is finally a reality of which to be proud. I actually feel like an Audiophyle.

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