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Onkyo CP-1057F Reviews

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Onkyo CP-1057F

Onkyo CP-1057F

9/10 by stereobob

Have owned mine since the spring of 1987. The only problems I have had with mine is with the auto cue of the tone arm going about half way into the first cut, but a tech was able to fix it. Also very sensitive, so I have mounted mine off of the wall with a cable suspension and have not had a problem since.

9/10 by jdrevens

I use it gladly for more than 20 years. Replaced the ATN-UL-3 twice which is okay for my usage. Read about those problems, but I did not have them, works always fine and cueing is really comfortable.

5/10 by Mike Barrett

The worst but most expensive in my collection. Very sensitive, noisy rumble and always something going wrong with it. Arm won't come back and now cueing is dead. Paid too much at pleabay.

9/10 by Musacci

I use it with AT-120E cartridge. It sounds great, works fine. The suspension of the platter is too sensitive, a little shaking makes the tonearm jump.

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