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Onkyo CP-1046F Reviews

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Onkyo CP-1046F

Onkyo CP-1046F

10/10 by super tracker

Fantastic turntable! Dead silent, accurate tracker and all day reliable. Too bad they didn't offer it with a more upscale base instead of the plasticky one but I guess they had to meet a price point. Onkyo really does their homework and gets things right!

10/10 by ommie1111

Inherited this player, best turntable out of everyone I know. Plays extremely well, extremely reliable.

8/10 by blahh

Bought used one from Germany, replaced cartridge with AT-95E, did cartridge calibration and I'm happy. Works like charm, tracks records well. I started to think about upgrading to AT-440 because I really like this record player.

5/10 by gcrinda

I got one recently from a Goodwill store. It's a nice direct drive turntable. The sound is very good.
Does anyone know to to adjust the leadin? The tonearm sets down a tiny little bit too far into the record and I lose the first few seconds of the record.

5/10 by sccrick

Great info

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