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Onkyo CP-101A Reviews

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Onkyo CP-101A

Onkyo CP-101A

8/10 by Moify

This turntable was gifted to me by my aunt, who had basically left it in it's original box, unused, until she gave it to me. Since the band was still original and a little bit dry, there was a creaking noise as it played a record initially. I purchased a band from LP Gear and now it is as quiet as a mouse, the motor seems nicely timed, and I love how the turntable functions.

The dust cover raises nicely with almost no effort, and the up/down/queuing switches work nicely. The automatic return arm works quietly and doesn't end with any abrupt pops, even when I have the volume up quite high.

The only other turntable I have owned is a combo player, so this one obviously trumps in comparison. The quality and consistency of the motor and tone arm are quite nice, and I would recommend that if you can find one for a decent price and don't mind setting up an external preamp, the quality is excellent.

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