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Onkyo CP-1010A Reviews

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Onkyo CP-1010A

Onkyo CP-1010A

9/10 by cl0udninja

I bought an Onkyo CP 1010a off eBay in great shape. It needed a new belt and eventually a new cartridge. This table is simple and surprisingly good.

I'm not sure whether it's all the age but to me it seems the cueing mechanism is completely mechanical and maybe the spring wore out over the years but it could drop the needle like a rock on the record. But if you were careful with the lever it worked as a charm. That was my only issue.

The vibration isolation is surprisingly good and with a good cartridge (mine was an Ortofon 2M red) it sounded amazing to me. Eventually I upgraded to a fully automatic table mainly for the repeat function, but nonetheless this is a pretty good turntable.

I don't think that new tables you can buy around $200 nowadays would be close enough to this. When I look at the stats this provides way better WoW and flutter and noise to signal ratio. If you're looking for a entry table without braking the bank pick one of this up!

8/10 by Dave1216

Turntable has been in storage since some time in the 90s, after being purchased new, and I've pulled it out changed 1 fuse and a belt and it still works perfectly. Very easy to adjust auto return and cue lever mechanism to make the table work to your liking. It isn't the prettiest table which marked a few points off of it for, the plastic body etc, but it performs rather well for listening no issues with skipping or speed issues.

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