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Nottingham Analogue Dais Reviews

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Nottingham Analogue Dais

Nottingham Analogue Dais

10/10 by stevied62

Had this Turntable for just over a year now and in a word it’s Superb
Just lets the tonearms do there business adding no noise
I use both 12 inch & 10 inch Ace Anna tonearms which are superb also with this turntable.

10/10 by bocast

I can't provide audiophile-quality information, just one user's delight. I consider myself very, very lucky to own this turntable. My wife bought it used for me from a high-end audio dealer in Northeast Ohio as a present for a very special wedding anniversary. The music leaps out from an inky black background of dead silence and even medium to low priced cartridges like the Grado Sonata sound absolutely fantastic. The instruments and vocals have the performing in my room feel that can't be described, but once heard can't be denied. There is no veil, no sense of distance between the musicians and the listener. I think the very heavy cast iron platter and low torque motor have a lot to do with that. The motor is not strong enough to start the platter spinning. You give it a start and it keeps rock steady speed. The bearing on this table bests the bearings in a NASCAR racecar, that judgement relayed to me from a NASCAR driver who is also an audiophile. I will never be able to own electronics that exceed the quality of this 'table, but it does great with the current setup: ModWright SWLP pre-amp used as phono amp, Firstwatt F3 amplifier to single driver Omega speakers on one setup, and to a Modwright LS 36.5 tube linestage feeding a Modwright KWA 150 amp driving a/d/s M15 speakers...oldies but goodies. Both equipment chains produce the private performance feel, with more bass through the M15's but more resolution through the Omegas. Unfortunately, I hear the Designer of this turntable has passed on. His gift of beautiful music in my home is appreciated every single day.
I will try to add the Modwright tube phono amp in the future, but as to the turntable itself, it is a dream come true for a vinyl lover.

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