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Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck Reviews

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Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck

Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck

10/10 by Agrippa

Many, many moons ago I had the pleasure of hearing an almost full Nottingham Analogue line-up (sans Anna and Horizon) playing side by side, along with a Michell Orbe and a Roksan TMS (MK.I or MK.II, I forget which), all fitted with the same cartridge (Ortofon MC7000).

Had I been a stock broker or something along those lines I would have ended up with the TMS, which is still the best deck I've ever heard, but being an average Joe I went with a Spacedeck.

The reason I chose the Spacedeck was quite simply that I heard little or no difference between it, the Hyperspace and the Mentor. I kept it for about ten years, without ever feeling the slightest urge to upgrade, but when a friend began pestering me to buy it I decided to swap it for the relatively recently released Ace Space and give the old warrior a new home.

Mine is entirely standard and I've now owned it for five or six years. In that time I can honestly say that nothing else I've heard has made me think of switching it out. The Ace Space is, in my opinion, the best value there is in the world of turntables. It is relatively inexpensive as high end audio goes and there really aren't many decks available which objectively betters its performance at any price.

If you're not as rich as Croesus, can do without automation of any kind, value a velvety black background to your music and prefer a rock solid and utterly stable presentation over the additional energy and excitement injected by lighter, sprung decks, then the Ace Space is an absolute no-brainer. It'll give you what's on the record and nothing else, and it'll present it with an authority and ease which is bettered by few of its competitors.

Added to that it is exceedingly simple to set up and use (including the arm base, in my opinion), built like a tank to the highest standard (it'll easily survive you and can likely be enjoyed by your great-grandchildren too) and comes with the best and most friendly customer service imaginable.

Like I already said: an absolute no-brainer.

9/10 by robsanderson

I have this along with the heavy upgrade kit and fitted with an Ace Anna tonearm and love it.

Its build quality and attention to detail is fantastic, the sound is sublime.

Negatives: The sticker on the front looks cheap and out of place on a deck of this price. The supplied instructions are dreadful but made up for by the best customer service when you call to clarify. Setting up the arm pillar is trial and error, I appreciate this is to accommodate different length arms but it does leave you wondering if you've got it right

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