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NAD 5120 Reviews

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NAD 5120

NAD 5120

10/10 by ewan

This turntable is far greater than the sum of it's parts. I own the flat arm version of this turntable, and once set up it it performs way above it's price level. The deck is quiet, the speed is stable and the arm works very well. The sound quality is slightly on the lazy side using an OM5e, but stereo perspectives and depth are there in abundance and the sound is beguiling. It may look cheap but it doesn't sound it, in fact it's quite sophisticated.The arm geometry is also very good indeed. So if you're pushed for cash, just buy one and enjoy.

9/10 by Singlemania45

Nothing but praise for this table. Works great with Grado carts because of the damping arrangements and is able to tame the Grado dance. The rca output cable is best replaced by installing rca sockets. Easy to install by simply drilling the plastic base. The arm leads can be soldered directly to the sockets. The existing din arrangement can be ditched. A separate Earth wire can be soldered to the tag at the base of the arm pillar. Earth hum banished for good and this opens up your choice of rca connecting leads. Most Hifi snobs would dismiss this deck on looks alone. With some good damped feet screwed to the base and stood on a good support this deck will make you wonder why you have just shelled out £1000 on a new deck.

10/10 by davidkerr3

I, with much regret gave my original flat arm version away 10 years ago. I have read the various comments re the merits or not of the flat arm and everyone
is entitled to their opinion. However for me this little deck lasted until i succumbed to cd but not without going through various tweaks. I originally bought it to replace a Pioneer pl4 which was a pretty good table in itself. I auditioned the Nad after witnessing a demo in a London Hifi show...think Park Lane and while all the audiophiles dismissed it...i was taken with the very clear evidence i could hear...that correctly set up and partnered with a suitable cartridge, this deck sound astonishingly good for what it was. I originally fitted it with a Nagaoka MP11...which delivered a very rich but detailed sound stage. After a year i upgraded to an MP15....then something like a £60 item....i also replaced the audio leads with professional grade copper audio cable donated by a friend of mine who was a sound engineer working in films as i did. The net result is that despite trying to replace it after a few years...i could not get anything better without spending a couple of thousand on a Linn or Pink triangle set up. At the time i auditioned Regas, Systemdeks, Revolvers, Aristons and god knows what else.Simply for what was then about a £200 made music pure and simple.Sweet enjoyable music...aah...those were the days!

9/10 by Alchemist_8

Great beginners turntable - well built and quirkydesign. Loely balanced sound

7/10 by vintagevinyllover

I had one of these, much preferred on audition to a Dual. Very well made, stylish and very simple to use. The arm was an unusual plastic wand yet this deck sounded very good in my budget system at the time. Find a spare arm wand and you can swap between cartridges very easily, be careful with the connector pins from the arm though. My introduction to hifi vinyl and fondly remembered

8/10 by edwooduk

This is a charming turntable. The design is very elegant and the sound surprisingly good.Mine in the UK cost less than $10 equiv. from eBay and is in perfect working order. Every collector should own one !

8/10 by kemo87

Very simple and cheap turntable. Good for beginners. Can be easily modified for better performance (weight tunning). I have czechslokavia version Tesla NC470 with tube tonearm.

8/10 by Imagine70

Great beginners turntable - well constructed and good sound. Mine is still going strong after 20 years.

2/10 by Hausekar

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