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Modular Component Systems MCS-6720 Reviews

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Modular Component Systems MCS-6720

Modular Component Systems MCS-6720

5/10 by jessem491

I had this turntable for years and loved it. Unfortunately, I used it at a friend’s 33 1/3 birthday party and never brought it home. :-(. Anyway, it served me well and I loved owning it. It was by far the best piece of the MCS components I purchased and was very happy with it for many years.

9/10 by eb2jim

OK, just to start out, this turntable is not like a Technics. It IS a Technics. Part of the MCS classic 67XX series (along with the 6700, 6710) this quartz locked direct drive deck was made by Technics/Panasonic/Matsushita for JC Penney so they could offer a decent audio line in their department stores. So this one gave a lot of bang for the buck at the time, and now they offer a killer sleeper deal, as evidenced by the other reviews. This deck is basically a slightly altered version of the Technics SL-Q303 - same platter, dustcover, arm, motor, etc. The front accessed controls are laid out a bit different, but oddly in a more balanced apperance. Because it says MCS you can probably score one of these maybe not a lot cheaper than a Technics but it will stay off a lot of peoples radar and you can sneak a deal. These days any old deck that kind of works is in the $100 range, but these will offer solid performance, and I will offer a different opinion and say this is way above beginner bargain level. Properly set up with a decent cart, this would be a keeper for many.

6/10 by scorsese59

Over the years I have been fortunate to be the owner of over 100 turntables. This model came as a \freebie\ because I acquired 15 turntables with a close friend I trade with. Nor he or I thought to much about it one way or the other considering when knew MCS was a department store re-branding of other more well known brand names (Generally NEC, Technics) but the models are a hit or miss with some falling into the lower \budget line\ and others being at times middle of the road units for the time period.

When I got home I was oddly intrigued with this one because of the feature set and the weight. Given the time period this was manufactured many companies decks were in the process of cutting corners and this led to \light as a feather\ turntables.

So I put on a random headshell with a low end AT Cart/stylus and fired it up after the proper adjustments were made.

In rating this review placing a \number\ is rather difficult. My primary most used unit is a Pioneer PL-31D (sometimes a Pioneer PL-A35 or Sansui SR-2050C) with a Goldring Electro II+ High Output MC Cart with VDH cut stylus. This goes into either a Pioneer SX-990 or a Marantz 2270 (occasionally a 93-94 Pioneer VSX-5900 for quad discs) and a two channel setup using 1993-94 (pre Klipsch buy out) Jamo Classic 6 (4 ohm) towers. Ratings or only as good as the person's experience
and in my experience both with items owned currently and previously; while taking into account things on the high end extreme (setups with $7,000 carts/stylus and complete setups in the 100K range that I have had the pleasure of listening to but realistically will never own them I disregarded the extreme high end items as most people will never have a 100k system in their home.

I would place my main unit at an 8, but to anyone new to vinyl or a decent system which is set up correctly that has been over to hear the Telarc pressing of 1812 Overture always rates it well above a 10.

So for what this unit currently can be had for on the bay, CL, or the like (under 30 bucks generally) it is one heck of a starter unit for most anyone if it is a fully functioning unit. Will get them acclimated with vinyl, its sound, etc. easy to operate for the beginner but has some extra bells and whistles that are not on a great deal of turntables. This unit if bought by a \newbie\ will cause them to be bit by the vinyl bug and upgrade at some point more than likely...but you have to start somewhere. So for any new guys or gals out there before you are in a store and spend 75-150 bucks on a POS Crosley take a look at some cooler equipment from the vintage era. The money you save can go toward a nicer cart/stylus 100 for a crosley with no ability to easily change anything or a unit like this for 30 and a decent beginner cart/stylus in the 70 buck range? Go with the second option you will be very happy.

To any other seasoned \vets\ unless you see one real cheap and have a friend/relative you would like to hookup with a turntable this likely will not be anything special. Myself I like the fully manual old school wood based late 60s/early 70s as I am sure most of the seasoned collectors out there do as well. While this would be ok as a third unit I am sure many out there own better options, but again likely didn't start with the TT you have today. I know with the A35 if that would have been my first TT when I was 12 I would have constantly needed help with it and is an auto/manual TT. This one though would have been just fine.

So I rate it as an 8 for beginners due to cost, features, ease of use

and a 4 for the people that fall into the more seasoned category.

Average is 6...hence my rating

Hopefully this will benefit at least one person who is looking at getting into the hobby. If so, this review was more than worth it.

Long live vinyl!

9/10 by tommybass61

I found this turntable at a resale store (small Mom and Pop) a couple weeks ago for $10.00. It was fully functional when I bought it. Great deal as this turntable is fully automatic and included dust cover and good cart/needle. Better and more solid that my orig TT, Technics SL-BD1. Weighs almost twice as much. Looks to be very durable. Platter speed has not varied; rock-solid since i have played it so far (approximately 10 albums). Looking forward to many yrs of listening enjoyment! MCS did right by this turntable!

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