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Modular Component Systems MCS-6700 Reviews

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Modular Component Systems MCS-6700

Modular Component Systems MCS-6700

10/10 by coastguarder

Correction to the person who said this is a Hitachi product. No it is not. It is a rebadged Technics SL-1650 made for JC Penny. It is functionally and qualitatively the same turntable.

5/10 by ftw1952

This was made by Hitachi and the model is about the same as their HT-350

9/10 by jeffsplat88

I stumbled across one these at an estate sale and decided to get it. This is a very nice turntable that once cleaned up, looks stunning, and is a pleasure to operate. It is fully automatic with direct drive. One very nice feature that I've never seen before is the programmable repeat setting. You can set this to repeat the play a fixed number of times - up to 6, or set it for infinite repeat. The other interesting feature is it is compatible with old-school drop spindles so that (lord help you) if you want to stack albums and play them, it can do it. MCS was the brand J.C. Penny used when they sold HiFi decades ago. The turntables were made by Panasonic / Technics in Japan. Many of the receivers and speakers were also made by Panasonic / Technics, others were Foster.

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