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Mitsubishi Diatone LT-5V Reviews

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Mitsubishi Diatone LT-5V

Mitsubishi Diatone LT-5V

8/10 by Greenienet

Bought a neglected 2nd hand one in Nov 2012. After some cleaning and a new belt it has been my main TT over the last year. Mainly bought for the look and auto functions it (matched with an Ortofon 5E) has proved a fine, detailed sounding table. I have not encountered any of the feedback or vibration issues sometimes reported (and I do play loud) I suspect because the acrylic half cover is not present on my deck.

These can go for silly prices these days but look out for broken/not working items as they are simple enough to work on. Oh, and do not try to play a disc in the conventional way, vertical only!

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