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Mitsubishi Diatone DP-EC20 Reviews

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Mitsubishi Diatone DP-EC20

Mitsubishi Diatone DP-EC20

10/10 by zelim70ies

The DP-EC20 is a superb turntable from that decade and very quite often underrated. Remember that it came along with other high class products Mitsubishi made that time.

It is fully automatic, so all of you who hate automatic turntables - you won't like this one. And i can understand, because what's not installed can't result in technical problems. So i was not shure what repairs had to be done when i got this turntable - without any automatic functions operating and there is no manual arm lift.

1: The design: From my point of view, a really elegant turntable with clear design, especially the rare DP-EC20 with the bronze finish at the control panel looks like luxury. Dimensions are bigger than most other TT's. Of course the elegant device was not inteded to be used by Djs .

2: Built quality. The chassis is made of aluminum resulting in a weight of more than 13kg, like the famous Technics SL series from this time and very solid. No foil or veneer (even it might look fine too) - a good DP-EC20 looks like new after 40 years.

3: Service friendly. Yes, after more than 30 years you will have to repair the automatic. But it's an easy job: Minimum 2 of 3 rubber belts will have to replaced, thy are just worn out. Beside the direct drive there are 2 extra motors placed in a shield to perfom the automatic functions - completely separated from the platter. Costs were a few cents, and the automatic worked fine again without any adjustment. On a second device i replaced micro light bulbs for the photoelectric sensor and two microswitches that are used for muting during arm operation.

4. Perfomance. Quite often i read the question: Does a TT sound? For me it's clear: The turntable has to provide the best conditions to let the cartridge do its job. And the DP-EC 20 does it above average level: Stability is excellent (same as SL1200 MK II), the polished 1,8kg platter is rotating fantastic stable (x-locked), and the very well engineered automatic ist working absolutely silent and precisely – this is the performance ELAC PC 900 users are dreaming of. No plastic levers driven by the platter motor, solenoids or some kind of steuerpimples to worry about, this automatic concept is convincing, of course it was more expensive. Even the power transformer is mechanically isolated to avoid vibrations. Thus signal-to-noise level with 80dB (DIN) is on an excellent level, you don't have to be afraid touching the DP-EC during play, and it plays unimpressd when turning up the volume. The S-type tonearm is made of high precision too. So after the described maintenance the DP-EP 20 turned out to be my favourite one to listen- and now has realiability for the next 20 years due to its high manufacturing quality level.

But it will be difficult to find one, and prices are rising for this outstanding TT.

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