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Micro Seiki MR-322 Reviews

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Micro Seiki MR-322

Micro Seiki MR-322

10/10 by davebenz1

It seems as though the Micro line is a bit shrouded in mystery. I personally own a Tannoy Micro TM33 which is virtually the same (I think) as the Micro Seiki MR-322 - that is oddly referred to only as a Micro per the operating manual. I've not been able to locate an operating manual for the TM33. In spite of all that, it appears that these models are held in very high regard among the TT cognoscente. I feel quite privileged to own one. It's about as no-frills a deck as one can find. Totally manual. Very solid construction and no BS design. Far better at isolating feedback that my Technics SL-1300 ever was. The sound with the equipped Stanton 681EEE is very warm, balanced and detailed. No hint of speed variation or rumble despite being a pre-servo design. In fact it has very little electronic anything. Which I love. No caps to dry out or integrated circuits to go south. It also bears and uncanny resemblance to my Kyocera gear (that I have a lot of) with the rosewood sides and polished aluminum trim. I plan to own this table for a long time and my sense is it won't let me down.

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