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Micro Seiki MB-10 Reviews

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Micro Seiki MB-10

4/10 by pgmayfair

Just a word to any prospective purchasers of this rather cool quirky and unusual looking deck.. unfortunately whoever designed it was *also* quirky and unusual...
Basically the problem is that instead of building to a 'budget deck' price point with components all of roughly even quality what Micro did was fit a heavy duty, torquey motor and very nice (removable) tonearm, then ruthlessly cut corners on *everything* else. The plinth is of thin particle board, susceptible to outside vibration. The speed change is accomplished by a thin plastic arm moving the belt, which can and does break, thereby rendering the deck 33/3 rpm only. But worst of all and unbelievably, guess what else is made of plastic? That's right.. THE MAIN BEARING. It is staggering that any Micro deck would have such a fatal design flaw but there we are. Mine has cracked in two places and leaks oil, causing of course excess friction on the spindle and thereby stress on the motor which can become overheated enough to melt the belt! Let's face it, once the main bearing has bitten the dust that is more or less the end of the deck..
I think I will just remove the arm and put it on a Rega plinth, as they can be picked up without arm for not too much cash these days it seems.

9/10 by penumbra

Recently took this deck out of storage (one of a few old ones that i have from years ago) as my niece was looking to play some of her dads vinyl. This a basic deck that i had forgotten about,
after mounting a new AT95e cart was amazed at how good it sounds, at the very least on a par with a Pioneer 112 (i used the same cart on both) and it tracks a test disc better. Both of these old decks were in a different class entirely to the brand new Audio Technica LP60 she will send back to amazon! ps. after further use this deck is not so good with feedback isolation, had to walk gently around the room to avoid upsetting it. i think this has an above average arm, but below average deck suspension/isolation.

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