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Micro Seiki BL-10X Reviews

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Micro Seiki BL-10X

Micro Seiki BL-10X

8/10 by bergui45

I'm looking for the service manual since the autolift doesn't work reliably!

9/10 by chanki88

This is a folding base turntable ,may be the only one in the Mirco Seiki family. The arm is a auto lift up design by electronic sensor and detachable arm tube allow to use a better OFC and thicker wire from cartridge to the long tube end before turn into the moving wire which need a narrow and soft wire to allow free moving . This clever design give the user much easy to change cartridge and a better transmission of signal.
I use a Grace F9E a light weight cartridge which fit the arm mass of BL10X and sound very nice, fast, clean and real.Although this is a folding design but the base is not soft, and not slow at all. The sound stage is wide, deep and stable.

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