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Michell GyroDec Reviews

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Michell GyroDec

Michell GyroDec

10/10 by Brownlow

I have owned this deck for over 20 years. Partnered with a SME IV and DV-20XH it is superb. It benefits from being mounted on a wall too. Unique appearance adds to the charm of this deck. Also added a HR-PSU which improved the performance further.

10/10 by bhoyracer

I have owned my Gyrodec SE for 20 years and it is still stunning to look at, and it plays beautifully. I haven't upgraded the motor but may consider it however, even as it is, it sounds so much richer than a £2,000 Roksan Caspian CD player. Just need to change the oil in the spindle well every few years, and a fresh belt rubber band always makes a difference too. The optional extras of full deck acrylic cover and record clamp shouldn't be optional, they really are a must

5/10 by Domt100

I have the Gyro SE model as I love the stripped down nature of it. I have owned it for twelve years and have never even considered changing it. It is very neutral and I feel it just plays the recording as it was intended without adding any particular colour. I matched it to an Origin Live Silver Taper arm which is another of the 'breathed on' RB 250s that was short lived and a Dynovecta cartridge. I would be interested to hear about upgrades on the mitor, disc clamps and the like make to the sound.

9/10 by jazzwessem

I own one for more than 20 years, and still like every aspect of it. Mine is with the AC Pabst motor, updated with the Gyropower, tone-arm decoupling, stand-alone motor housing amd decoupled spring towers. Original I used it with the 2 belts, but after updating to the stand-alone motor housing I opted to use 1 belt. The tension of the 2 belts was so strong the motor and motorhousing moved. I know that the choice for using 2 belts in the original design has to do with the surpression of resonances of the belts. I can hear no audible differences when using just one....also, with one belt torque is strong enough to use a record brush without negative speed effect. Rumble is not audible ( I use 13 inch Focal Audiom bass drivers) . If mains delivers exact 50 Hz, speed is exact 33,33 cycles per 60 seconds. After 20 or more years, the main bearing is still perfect. Also, bearings of the Pabst motor show no wear. The standard (friction) record clamp does a good job. Quality stuff. I love it!

10/10 by Gyrodec Man 1967

I have had my Gyrodec for 15 years . I never get tired of looking at it but like any good record deck it has to be set up properly otherwise you wonder what the fuss is about . A powerful amp brings out subtleties .

8/10 by kennethyuen

Very nice turntable with its own original engineering concept. No bias on what kind of music you play and able to deliver British style musical enjoyment. Even the look is impressive after all these years. The Real Classic in turntable design !

9/10 by hedgehog35

I have owned a Gyrodec SE for little over a year. Using Audio Origami modified Rega RB300 arm with Goldring 2400 and 1042 cartridges.
Wonderful deck which does require a bit of patience setting up and adjusting.
Getting the correct bounce of suspension also takes time and patience, but again, search forums in vinyl engine for good advice.
Fantastic, wide soundstage with lots of 'air' around individual instruments and voices - great with classical music.
Buying the HR power supply and investing in the Orbe record clamp is really worthwhile and takes the sound to an even higher level.
If you plan to move house a lot, not sure if I would recommend, as you would have to keep dismantling and setting up again!
But if you plan to stay put - it's a wonderful machine to have. Visitors are always amazed by it's appearance, so a real pleasure to own as well.
One last word: despite the suspension, I would still put the Gyrodec on a dedicated wall - mounted turntable shelf. I know it's more expense, but it will definitely make this great deck sound even better.

10/10 by nexoo


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