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Marantz TT6000 Reviews

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Marantz TT6000

Marantz TT6000

9/10 by LN Cree

Got one for cheap from someone who abused it badly. Found it to be kind of a boring looking player actually. So I removed the arm, fit a s-shaped arm from an Akai belt-drive with a headshell and cart from a Fisher DD, rebuilt the auto return and start motor, weighted down the chassis and painted it a flat black color. It really is just a push to play machine and when everything's tuned just right will provide many hours of flawless auto start and stop playing. The sound quality is no worse than any other tt I've used with similar plastic chassis, but the added weight makes it more stable and just a bit more sonically enjoyable.

9/10 by lalomarantz

Very good turntable, it would be better if include pitch control

7/10 by pumps100

I use this turntable. Kindly note that it weighs 6.5kg and not 11kg as stated.

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