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Marantz TT530 Reviews

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Marantz TT530

1/10 by parsecaudio

Very cheap turntable made with thin plastic. Very bad resonant tonearm. Very difficult to improve the headshell.
Look elsewhere.

8/10 by CSG

I found one of these for $45 today and hooked it into my Marantz PM8004. I didn't know what to expect as it's nowhere near as solid as my Technics SL-QL1 but it its stunningly good with its, seemingly, original cart. Listening to the Police's Synchronicity, it's just really good and solid regarding speed. It also has a pitch control. Gotta love direct drive TT's.

5/10 by jimbobwe

I purchased my TT530 in 1980 and used it constantly for about 12 years before drifting away from playing vinyl for a period in which work, family activity, and life in general seldom allowed me to endulge my once favorite pastime.

In all that time, however, I never had a lick of trouble with this turntable. It played beautifully every time, even after sitting, completely unused for about 10 years from the late 1990s to the early 2000s.

In recent years, however, I have been able to rekindle the relationship with my old deck and as of January, 2019 it is still running flawlessly. The only maintenance required in the 29 years I've owned the unit has been the replacement of the original primary linear tracking belt (2017) and a couple of P-Mount cartridges and/or stylii (2004: Radio Shack/Realistic RX1500, 2017: NOS AT331LP upgrade, and 2019: NOS AT152LP upgrade).

Yes it's P-Mount (which seems to be looked down upon around here) but I am convinced that it was one of the very best ones made back in the day.

For me, it has stood the test of time and I'd happily purchase another if I could find one these days.

8/10 by markedasred

The method of playing the record mimmicks the method of cutting the master, so the sound is reproduced in a constant manner, just needing an improved stylus on the cheap original to get good sound.

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