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Marantz TT-15S1 Reviews

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Marantz TT-15S1

Marantz TT-15S1

8/10 by Chapmanmd

The turntable is fantastic! The virtuoso cartridge, to me anyway, rivals cartridges costing much more than the turntable. I have had my turntable for a couple of months now and I have approximately 100 hours useage. Every time I play it, I absolutely love the sound it gives me. My one bitch about the table is the on/off switch being mounted on the detached motor. Every time I turn it on or off, the motor moves causing me to have to realign it. No, it is not difficult to do, but it really is a pain in the ass. I’m trying to figure out a way to have a remote switch that doesn’t involve me having to plug the table into an extension cord with a switch. I have exceptionally clean and stable power and I really dont want to potentially introduce noise through the power chain. Overall, I cannot possibly recommend this turntable highly enough. You would never regret buying one. I’m using a Rogue Sphinx power amp through flagship Focal floorstanders.

8/10 by Brasilcat

Marantz and Clearaudio collaboration resulted in a very impressive turntable. Not only is the TT- 15S1 aesthetically beautiful but it performs like much more expensive tables. The Virtuoso cartridge without fail one of the best products in the market for the money. The unit takes a little bit of work to assemble, but if you're looking for that kind of a product the exercise is complementary to the experience. Once the unit is set, it is quite and precise. I'm always surprised by the sound it reproduces every time I play my records. The TT - 15S1 is assuredly one of the best buys in the market and certainly a bargain at it's price.

9/10 by bob292

Looks to be positioned between the Clearaudio emotion and performance turntables with that being said this table is a screaming bargain for its list price. Silent running with a superbly made tonearm this combo makes beautiful music with nice rhythm and pace, silent background and well defined taut bass. No better bargain out in hi fi land for the price!

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