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Marantz 6300 Reviews

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Marantz 6300

Marantz 6300

8/10 by EccoBlue

The 6300 is a solid CEC built table for its time, though it has had its fair share of known issues below:

1. The feet do not isolate rumble and vibration very well, so you'll need a solid surface and some dampening materials or different feet in able for the table to perform flawlessly.
2. Tonearm is somewhat heavy; the bayonet connector adds considerable weight to the tonearm making cartridge mating/selection tricky.
3. Tonearm gimbal bearings have been known to have some play in them that can add to noise and vibration issues compromising audio fidelity/quality.
4. Micro-switches located under the control panel can develop intermittent issues over time.
5. Stock RCA cables are of poor quality; they work but can be significantly improved with high quality replacements.
6. Stock tonearm wire is average quality, but can be greatly improved with Cardas Litz OFC 33awg.
7. Stock headshells are somewhat heavy and often have mis-aligned guide pins adding to inner groove distortion and tracking issues.
8. Stock potentiometers located on the bottom of 18VDC motor develop intermittent issues and cause speed drift, as well as, the control panel potentiometers too. DeOxit fader lube is a must have on these.
9. Stock Neon bulb for the AC driven strobe circuit can develop intermittent issues from time to time. Replacements are smaller and put out less light. I have yet to find a suitable replacement that looks and functions like the original OEM.
10. Stock platter mat is somewhat thin, cool looking, but not great for dampening and isolating out noise.

To be fair, the 6300 is over forty years old. It's definitely one of the best looking tables from the 70's, and with some added upgrades it becomes significantly better.

8/10 by caputto70

8/10 by porphyriaboy

A warm sounding TT with direct drive and solid controls. Tonearm is adequate if not outstanding. I am not sure who actually made these but I suspect Pioneer or Hitachi MAY have had a hand in them as there are similar design elements. When many people think Marantz they think high-end equipment. The 6300 turntable wasn't of that ilk. It is a solid performer but no super deck. Mine was thought to be lost since 1986, then turned up in my best friend's barn. It had been unboxed but undisturbed. After dusting it thoroughly and lubricating key spots and a bit of de-oxit on the controls fired right up and now is the same table I bought in 1976. That longevity without ANY malfunctions despite being in sub-zero and over 100 deg. temperatures for over two decades is a testament to the high-quality materials used. Sonically it is pleasing, similar to a Pioneer of the same era. All said, on my low-budget it makes no sense to replace something that has lasted two wives, two dogs, numerous autos and lots and lots of drunken parties...totally unscathed! When it comes to vinyl, it is my rock.

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