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Manticore Mantra Reviews

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Manticore Mantra

Manticore Mantra

10/10 by keithsfi00

what a planner killer!!! superb deck had mine since 2000 bought 2nd hand .many upgrades like a linn motor a heed power supply linn black springs and a rb300 a hyde in the sound leather faced cork mat 4mm and over the years has taken on a wonderful sheen as has only ever been polished with raw beeswax looks and sounds superb currently running a linn asaka mc have also added solid wood feet with Sorbothane bottoms and commissioned a company to laser cut the word mantra which is affixed to the front ..

9/10 by mr_mantra

My brother gave me his in about 1990 and I've been using it since. Sounds fantastic still with a moth arm with the Origin Live structural modification and a Ortofon MC15 II Super. Love it!

9/10 by johnharriscivil

Great deck had mine since 1985 and still going strong

9/10 by mwinwood97049

great deck in its day ers on the warm side of things, upgrades can still be done.

9/10 by namtab

Most underrated of them all superb deck

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